Ideally, the entire autumn would be spent enjoying your favorite fall festivities like sipping pumpkin spice lattes or visiting cider mills. While there is plenty of time to enjoy these favorite seasonal pastimes, fall is also the perfect time to knock out your winter prep to-do list and ensure you’re able to enjoy a warm, cozy home during the upcoming colder months.

Check out this list of cost-effective solutions that are sure to make a huge difference inside and outside:


Check the Furnace – As temperatures begin to drop, you’ll be thankful you took the time to ensure your furnace was up for the job this season. If possible, having a professional inspector examine your furnace is ideal. If hiring a professional isn’t possible, be sure to visually inspect the furnace for any obvious issues and change the filter.

Inspect the Fireplace and Chimney – Like most people, you’re probably stoked that you can start enjoying your fireplace soon. Before the inaugural fire, clean both the chimney and fireplace and ensure protective casings or doors are functional. Don’t forget to stock up on firewood.

Test Safety Equipment – Fall is the perfect time of year to give your home’s safety equipment a comprehensive review. Give smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors new batteries and make sure to have an emergency kit prepared in case of a winter power outage.

Prevent Drafts – The simplest way to keep your house warm is to prevent cold air from coming in through windows and doors. If there is a draft, weatherstripping is a simple, cost-effective solution that’ll help keep your home energy efficient all year long.


Clean the Gutters – Gutters work year-round draining water and keeping them intact is mandatory to avoid water damages and preserve your home’s structural integrity. Moving forward, a simple and affordable way to keep your gutters flowing freely is by covering them with mesh guards to filter out unwanted debris.

Examine the Roof – While you’re already up on the ladder cleaning gutters, knock out two chores at once by giving your roof a quick examination. Before the first snowfall hits, you want to repair any issues like debris pileup, cracks, wind damage and missing shingles.

Maintain the Driveway – Similar to the roof, your driveway needs to be in proper condition before the first snowfall to avoid disaster. Before freezing temperatures arrive, check your driveway for any cracks and repair them with a concrete crack sealer.

Modify Outdoor Plumbing – It’s no secret that freezing temperatures can lead to pipes bursting. Avoid this preventable situation by installing freeze-proof spigots on any exterior faucets.

Prep the Backyard – Ensure your backyard is ready for a turnkey spring in a few months by covering the pool, fertilizing the lawn, planting bulbs and temporarily removing seasonal outdoor furniture to either the basement or garden shed. If there isn’t space to shelter the furniture, consider casing the furniture with a waterproof covering.

Hopefully, these ideas help get your home in tip-top shape for cooler temps so you can spend your autumn enjoying your favorite seasonal pastimes.